What I love about music

This video has been floating around the internet for quite some time. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve already shared it on social media at least once. And I’ll be honest, I’m normally not into flash mobs. Sure, the first time I ever saw a video of one, I thought it was neat. But then videos of them were popping up everywhere. And television shows had episodes that featured flash mobs. It became a craze. A craze I was just not really on board with.

But this one gets me. It brings tears to my eyes. There are so many things I love about this video. I love the song selection. I’ve been lucky enough to perform Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Playing it was one of the highlights of my orchestral career. I love the pure joy on the faces of the people witnessing this performance. I love the way the members of the orchestra and choir are smiling at each other, obviously enjoying the whole experience.

But my absolute favorite part of this video is the children. The smiles on their faces. The wonder in their eyes. The way some of them dance around and conduct. It brings joy to my music-teacher heart. And joy to me as a parent. I love that some of the performers are holding children. Bringing little ones into this beautiful world of music is my passion. That’s why I teach. That’s why I already play as much music for my son as I can and why he is already in music class. The kid isn’t even a year old yet, but we sing and have dance parties to as many different types of music as we can. Those parents in the video are an inspiration to me. They’re bringing their children along for the glorious ride that is sharing music with others. I can’t keep my love of music to myself and this video reminds me why every single time.

What do you think of flash mobs? Does this video warm your heart as much as it does mine? Do you have any other great music videos to share?