September Goals

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This month is all about new beginnings. Hubby and I joined a gym. I have new classes that I will be teaching. I’m going to start home preschool with my 2 year old. I’m getting a bit tired thinking of it all. But it’s all really exciting, too! Here’s a bit of what I’d like to accomplish this month:


– Complete the No-Brainer Wardrobe Workshop

– Compile fall capsule wardrobe (I use this to help me out)

– go without sugar, wheat, dairy, and alcohol all month (this will be so tough! eek!)

Family & Home

– declutter 100 items

– have a date night with my husband (we got off track in July)


– finish Helping Parents Practice and read Intelligent Music Teaching

– finish updating website… finally!

– practice for SECE class and get off to a good start!


– read The Chosen and The Homecoming

– host one Sunday Supper

– plan two Thrive Local events


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