October Goals


I tend to fail at goals. And not at setting them. No, that I can do. I’m perfectly capable of writing down some goals. I even get excited about them. “This is the time it’s gonna be different!” I think to myself. And I have never been right. Now, that’s not to say I never accomplish anything I set out to do. But the problem I have always faced with writing down goals is that I fail to check back in. I never look at the list again. Not once. So I forget what my goals even were in the first place.

This month I’m trying something new. I wrote them down, in pretty autumn colors, as you can see above and I posted them above my desk in my little office corner. And I’m going to post them here. I’m on this page all the time now with the 31 Days challenge. Plus, I’ve heard that making them public helps. We shall see.


1. A Bowl Full of Lemons 31 Day Purge – Kyle and I have been trying to get rid of stuff lately. We’ve been feeling really cluttered. I suppose it’s difficult not to when your child spends all his waking hours leaving things all over the floors in every room of your home, but alas, we want to PURGE. We’ve gotten rid of a few things, but I’m hoping this will offer guidance and make our efforts more focused.

2. 31 Days to a Handmade Christmas – There are so many amazing series to pick from on the 31 Days page (see Day 1 of my series for the link), but who really has time to read through all of them? I’m going to try to read through one or two a month for the next year, but I wanted to start with this one since I’d like to do our Christmas a little more frugally this year.

Personal Habits

1. Workout 4+ times a week for at least 20 minutes – I’d like to forget this goal completely and just have it say “stay active with my son,” but right now, it’s really hard to make that specific other than if I just said “chasing him around all day,” which I do anyway. As he gets older, I’d like to make our physical activity more of a family time, but for now, I think this is the only way I’m going to get myself to move. My mom and I started taking a Zumba class on Tuesday nights. That is giving me some good motivation during the rest of the week.

2. Eat breakfast – This is probably the hardest item on my list, and really should be the simplest. I have found that making a slice of peanut butter toast is the quickest and healthiest way for me to actually eat breakfast. I guess I just have to make sure I have bread and peanut butter in the house.

3. Asleep by 11pm – If eating breakfast is the hardest, this one gets second place. My kiddo is a night owl and when he doesn’t go to bed until 9pm a lot of nights, it’s hard for me to feel like I’m getting enough time to decompress from the day. I would really like to make it even earlier than 11, but that’s the most realistic time I can imagine right now, all things considered.


1. Finish FPU with Kyle – like most people in around our age, Kyle and I got out of college with a significant amount of student loan debt. We’ve been working really hard to pay this down lately (hence the frugal Christmas), but sometimes you just need a little extra inspiration. This class has given us that, plus it gives us a way to make sure we’re getting intentional time together, so that’s why it’s under relationship goals.

2. Have 2 date nights – This one speaks for itself. One should be easy because October is our anniversary month. Totally looking forward to it!


1. Working through Weeks 3-6 of “Teaching the Violin and Viola” Course – This is a class I signed up with through Coursera. I’m finding that I know a lot of the basic information, but in the discussions with the other students, I’ve gotten some really helpful reminders and good ideas. I’m not sure I’ll take another music course after this one. Perhaps a business class would be a better option.

2. 31 Days writing challenge – Again, speaks for itself.

3. Practice my violin at least 5 times a week – It’s extremely important as a violin teacher to keep my own skills up to a certain level. I review the material I teach and I also practice any new music I may be performing. I would just like to have my practice time be more consistent.

Well, there you have it. It’s a pretty long list. Hopefully this post will help me to keep my goals in mind throughout October.

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