Monday Quick Tip

Today’s quick tip is about practice charts. Whether you teach or take lessons using the Suzuki method or not, I think practice charts can be a great tool. I use two different kinds of practice charts in my teaching and practicing.

1. The Review Chart

I have put together a review chart that makes it really easy for my students to review all of the Suzuki repertoire that they know in one week. I give them the option of including the weekends or not including them. Either way, they get through all of the songs they know in a week just by playing what’s listed under the day of the week. This way, they are consistently keeping the music they’ve learned in their fingers. I also have them listen to everything on the day’s list, too. I even use this practice chart for myself because it makes it really simple for me to keep the songs under my fingers.

2. The 100 times/days chart

This is one I don’t use regularly, but rather when I have a student who is really struggling with something. This chart contains 100 boxes to fill in. If a student is struggling to fit in consistent practice, I have them practice for 100 days. If they practice every day, they’ll be done in 100 days. The more consistently they practice, the more quickly they finish. This also works well when they are struggling with a technique or learning a long. For example, I have them practice a bow hold or a phrase 100 times or I have them listen to a song 100 times.

The great thing about practice charts is that they are totally customizable. You can develop a practice chart for any sort of practice issue you can imagine. The possibilities are endless!

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