February Live Music


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As a parent, it can be difficult to keep a child’s love for music alive. Learning and practicing new things can take a toll on one’s motivation over time. That is way it’s extremely important to find other ways to inspire your child’s musical creativity. One great way to do this is making an effort to see music performed live. We are fortunate here in the Milwaukee area that there are many opportunities to do this that are specifically for kids and/or do not cost a lot of money. (Sometimes they’re even free!) Each month, I am going to put up a post outlining some of these opportunities so that you and your family will hopefully be able to take advantage of them. Here’s what’s coming up during the rest of February.

2/15 @ 1 pm -MYSO Brass, Bows, & Brilliance (info)

2/21 @ 7 pm – MYSO Flutes & Fanfare (info)

2/22 @ 6 pm – MYSO Orchestral Occasion (info)

2/23 @ 3 pm – MYSO Symphonic Spectacular (info)

*Note: None of these concerts are free, but they are quite reasonably priced. $12 for adults, $10 for students (age 5+), and free for children 4 and under. I will make sure to make it totally obvious when concerts are free. 🙂

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