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4 Gifts Christmas Blogging Series 2015

So this post is late. Really late. I’m gonna be completely honest and say this has just been a rough month for me. I’ve been behind on absolutely everything. But I’m actually thankful (good timing, eh?) this category forced me to look at needs.

See, here’s the thing. Any way I think about it, my family and I, we don’t need anything. I could share pictures of things we like to say we need. But honestly, we have everything and more we could possibly need and I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the people who just don’t have what they need, let alone gifts they want during this season in which we celebrate and share gifts with family and friends.

So instead of a gift guide, I’m going to share a few of the ways my family gives back. We hope to do more in the future, as we work to be in a better financial situation, but this is what we can do right now.

We sponsor a child through Compassion International. We started shorly after Otto was born because I thought it would be great for us to sponsor a child for each child we are blessed with. It was important to us to find a Christian organization and I had read really good things about Compassion. We donate a certain amount of money each month and also at Christmas and the child’s birthday. We also write letters back and forth with him. It is so interesting to learn more about a culture across the world. I can’t wait until Otto is able to understand more about this and learn about kids all over the world who are just like him but live so differently.

Every year for Christmas, we pull a name from the Giving Tree that they do at my parents’ workplace. I especially love to do this because we are able to gift a person here in Milwaukee at Christmas with something they need or want. I think this will be another wonderful way to show Otto how we can help others because we are so blessed.

Finally, I have never given to this organization personally, but with the recent refugee crisis in our world, I have been looking for options and Samaritan’s Purse seems like a great one. It gets a great rating on Charity Navigator and I know they’ve been doing a lot to help refugees. I also love their Operation Christmas Child initiative.

So that’s how we currently give back to people who truly need things. I will be back in just a few days with my “wear” gift guide to catch up with the 4 Gifts series. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below and check out my “want” gift guide if you missed it. What are some ways you help others during the holiday season, or really, anytime?

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