2015 In Review


I don’t know about you, but by December 31st, I totally forget what happened over the past 365 days. However, thanks to this handy little Best Nine trend and Instagram, I’m gonna give you a little recap of our year.

No. 1 – Kyle and I celebrated four years of marriage this year. It is hard most days, wonderful sometimes, and thanks to God being the center of it all, beautiful all the time.

No. 2 – I joined a wonderful group of ladies who use their gorgeous words to lift up and encourage moms. I am so thankful for all of them. Big heart eyes to all the ladies of MKE Moms Blog.

No. 3 – Violin. This is what I do for work and for fun. I’m so utterly blessed that I get to teach kiddos how to do what I love most every day.

No. 4 – This kid though. He’s taught me everything I know about being a mama. Life has changed so much since he joined our family and my heart is fuller than it’s ever been. Otto, I’m so glad God made me your mama.

No. 5 – At the beginning of the year, I was feeling incredibly stuck with my business. I felt like I was doing all the right things, but nothing was happening. Thanks to an incredibly wise colleague of mine for pointing out that thinking small and investing in those who are already in your life is sometimes the best path. She was so very right.

No. 6 – As always, the height of our Christmas celebration was spending time at the manger of our Lord. I hope your holiday celebrations were as fulfilling as ours.

No. 7 – I am surrounded by such an amazing village. My family and friends support me constantly and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

No. 8 – Kyle laughs when I call my students my kids. But really, it expresses how I feel about them better than a long string of words could. They teach me just as much as I teach them.  Thank you so much to all my studio families for their countless hours of effort developing as well-rounded musicians with beautiful hearts.

No. 9 – Yes, that’s my kid with a violin. There are no real words to describe how that makes me feel, but no matter what path his life takes, I want him to experience the joy of music-making and I love that in some small way, he already is.

Whatever you are doing tonight, I hope you are safe and happy! I am hoping to see a Spartan win and to be in bed by midnight! Happy New Year!

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